Happiness Is A Good Day Painting

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

Why do I paint because I can’t not paint?  From a noticeably young age I loved to be creative.  Drawing was my first love.  Early memories are of drawing flies, intricate or funky.  As I grew older, I graduated to drawing paper dolls and their clothing.  Then upon entering high school, I took on the post of being one of my schools periodical illustrators.  When I created something, I always experienced a wonderful satisfaction of accomplishment and I still do.

Welcome To My Website

Now my vision is to create works in that glorious medium of watercolor that cause my viewers to pause and ponder.  I do this by carefully picking the subject matter.  I thoughtfully plan how it shall be presented through utilization of the elements of art (line, color, shape, value, space form and texture) and the principles of design (balance, emphasis, movement, harmony/unity, pattern, rhythm, proportion and variety).  Lastly, I search for a thought-provoking title that perfectly suits the work.  I carry a camera most everywhere I go keeping watch for subject matter which catches my eye.  I look for striking light effects such as reflected light not only on water but also bouncing off buildings, landmasses and objects.  With the camera, I sometimes look for atmospheric effects such as misty days that calm the heart or intra-personal encounters that speak loudly to me.  I believe strongly that God gives us all talents and these talents are meant to be utilized to the fullest to the glory of Him. When possible, I work toward that end, sometimes through the subject and at other times through my painting titles.

My Latest Creations